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The path of the faithful is never an easy one. Those who know they come from the divine may find it even more difficult at times, especially when their deity refuses to confirm they even exist. The belaran know these trials and (most) remain faithful to their creator. 

The belaran is an aberration species designed for player use. With tentacles ready to defend their faith and a built-in confirmation of the touch of the divine, they can be made to fit into nearly any campaign. 

In this book you’ll find the following content for the Pathfinder 1st Edition TTRPG game system:

  • A new player species
  • 25 new feats
  • A new type of base class, the 3 level species oriented exemplar class
  • And several magic and mundane items to help your belaran character.

Will you explore the world to find proof your deity was real? Or will you fight the yoke of destiny your people assign tot heir own existence?

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Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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